An innovative, efficient, and reliable partner

Enekos is known for its exceptional expertise and experience, which allow for innovative products, knowledgeable customer service, and excellent quality. We stand out from our competitors for our ability to deliver solutions for even the most challenging cases – on time and within budget.

  • A customer-centric, problem-oriented approach to service
  • Fast delivery and cost-efficient solutions
  • A one-stop shop: we take care of the whole process, from start to finish

A chance to improve the competitiveness of your business

Our intelligent machinery and automation solutions can improve our customers’ business in a number of ways. We develop our products and services in close co-operation with the customer. We design automation solutions that focus on productivity, efficiency, and life-cycle thinking.

  • More efficient production processes
  • Fewer mistakes, less waste
  • More consistent quality
  • More user-friendly equipment, with better ergonomics